About us

Ponton Made B.V. is a family business and is a subsidiary of Made Holding B.V, which traces its origins to the shipbuilding industry. In 1978, Toon den Reijer founded a welding company in Made, which would eventually grow into a large shipyard with sites in Made and Moerdijk. In addition to the shipyard, the sister company Ponton Made B.V. was founded, specialising in developing and renting out its own modular pontoons equipped with a patented coupling system.

Originally, we mainly rented out modular pontoons to marine contracting industry, but later we also started developing and building our own event pontoons. In recent years, we have continued to develop our fleet, which is why we now have a large fleet consisting of various modular pontoons with a wide range of accessories. We carry out maintenance on all our modular pontoons ourselves, allowing us to provide high-quality products time and time again.

All our pontoons are equipped with our patented coupling system and can are therefore easy to connect. Our skilled employees can set up a large surface area on the water in no time. Because we also have our own transport department, we can provide a total solution for your project, in addition to carrying out stability calculations and providing composition certificates.

Every day, we strive to provide our customers with quick, high-quality service. Fun and quality are very important to us.

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